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Go east: Negativeland

Opened in 1990, Prenzl’Berg’s Negativeland is a veteran video store. True to Ossi-style it’s not too fancy: just some old shelves with rental films, listed by genre with a section of directors A-Z. With over 14,000 films in stock (many with English-language subtitles), it’s a purists’ paradise, with all the indie and classic cinema, not to mention American HBO series like The Wire and Mad Men. Especially cherished is the collection of over 600 Russian and eastern European gems made behind the Iron Curtain, including Berlin’s largest collection of (GDR-funded) DEFA films for hire.

Out of Negativeland’s 50,000 members (okay, some are dead or have moved away – “no longer active,” they call it), an estimated 70-100 people rent on a daily basis. The rental fee is €1,70 per DVD (or VHS) if you bring it back the same day, €3 overnight (€2/VHS, €2.50/TV-series), and €1.50 for each additional day. For compulsive renters, the 11th rental in one month is free, and the price for the rest of the month is €1.50.