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OUT NOW! "BEST of FILM", "BLITZ guide to the BERLINALE" and "25 years of the TEDDY"

Image for NEW DESIGN! EXBERLINER's February issue

Our Film Issue is out now! Complete with an incredible crisp, bold new design and a more convenient format!

Brand NEW regular features including:

HIPSTER HITLER The ironic Führer on our cover is also a regular comic inside

EVENTS CALENDAR Find something new to do every day – painstakingly picked by our Berlin culture spelunkers

IMPORT/EXPORT Robert Rigney’s on Berlin’s Ausländer underworld

Also inside you’ll find:

BERLINALE 2011 A complete guide to the most prestigious film festival in Germany

THE TEDDY AWARDS How queer is the Berlinale 25 years on?

THE SACRIFICIAL OLIGARCH An interview with the director of the new documentary on Mikhail Khodorkovsky

BERLIN PORNOTOPIA Is Berlin the land of our wet dreams?

CINEMANIACS Berlin’s film-freaks

VIDEO RENTALS Yes, these once cultural meccas still exist. And they’re still cool, too


An interview with underground icon, persona and musician GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE, STEPHEN KOVATS on the meaning of TRANSMEDIALE today and the DIOXIN SCANDAL in Germany

And much more…

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