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All pedals, no plot

OUT NOW! The eco-friendly car chase movie has arrived with PREMIUM RUSH where hero swaps a steering wheel for a saddle.

The permanent high provided by riding his fixie (no brakes, no gears, no stopping) bike on courier runs through Manhattan is Wilee’s (Gordon-Levitt) idea of the good life. When bad cop Bobby (Shannon) joins the fray to hijack a lucrative package, Wilee and his mates must step up their game. They do, of course, and fast and crazy times ensue. There’s room for a bit of plot, but it’s mostly just frantic pedalling. Koepp and his crew give us a good ride for the money though.

Premium Rush | Directed by David Koepp (USA 2012) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez. Starts October 18