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Not faint-heARTed

The fearlessly experimental Berlin Art Film Festival showcases 47 films that portray the city from as many angles as they can, whether it's politics, poetry or porn. At Kino Moviemento on Dec 5 and 10-13.

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The Berlin Art Film Festival returns to Moviemento with a selection of movies that brandish the city’s vast interpretative potential.

Proceedings begin with Romuald Karmakar’s 2004 version of Jon Fosse’s Die Nacht singt ihre Lieder, tragically apposing small interiors and open urban spaces to reflect on a young couple’s disjunctive existence on December 5 and A Low Life Mythology on December 10 (photo), and continue with sessions thematically devoted to subjects as varied as Isa Genzken, Post Migrations, De/Constructing Berlin, Into Each Other: Art/ Porn, and Brand New Wave: The DFFB Connection, in which Berlin-based films from young directors montage the city as a kaleidoscope of ineluctable impressions and random congress.

Featured in the Bodies of Work/Bodies at Work session, Austrian director Peter Kern’s Sarah & Sarah is true to form as an uncompromising merger of the grossly cynical and intensely poetic, while Face B in the Berlin. Essay section explores the meta-creational through the experiences of a young French-Arabic actress who comes to Berlin in search of healing and is drawn into processes of parallel creative intent.

The festival’s embracive approach to showcasing experimental film is a unique chance to fully appreciate how – and who – this city continues to inspire. For details and times, check berlinartfilmfestival.de.

Berlin Art Film Festival, Dec 5, 10-13 | Kino Moviemento, Kottbusser Damm 22, Kreuzberg, U-Bhf Schönleinstr.