O-limping along

OUT NOW! Clunky, by-the-numbers OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN takes no prisoners and ticks all the wrong boxes.

North Koreans shoot their way into the White House, take the president hos- tage and threaten to un-leash nuclear war. Secret Service badass Butler sneaks in, takes them all out and saves the day (sorry: spoilers). Even if you feel that all considerations pertaining to novelty, plausibility, socio-political realities or racial sensibility have no place in a good film, you’re still better off with one of the original Die Hards – same basic formula, except with the crucial ingredient completely lacking in Olympus: personality.   

Olympus Has Fallen | Directed by Antoine Fuqua (USA 2013) with Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman. Starts June 6

Originally published in Issue #117, June 2013