On the road

OUT NOW! ZURICH is Sacha Polak's new cinematic triumph in which a grief-stricken woman hits the road as she struggles to cope with loss and revelation.

After the 
death of her partner, Nina 
(Snijders) finds out that 
his job as a long-distance
 truck-driver enabled him 
to lead a double life. Exploring a life-changing moment, Polak upends chronology, runs the gamut of cinematographic processes to capture frenzy and inertia, works with tone and mood swings and haunting animal imagery to present a uniquely eloquent study of wordless grief and our struggle to communicate the unbearable in a memorable cinematic document. 

Zurich (Die getäuschte Frau) | Directed by Sacha Polak (Germany,
 Netherlands, Belgium
 2015) with Wende
 Snijders, Sacha Alexander
 Gersak. Starts Jul 30.

Originally published in issue #140, July/August 2015.