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The colourful Mourad and Antoine

OUT NOW! ONE ZERO ONE features two drag-performers who find art in their bodies despite thier own mental and physical issues.

In earthier hands, this might have been a conventional odd-couple tale following towering Antoine and tiny Mourad through their art drag careers. But as it stands (tottering slightly on gravity heels), the film is a refractive showcase of oddments pulled from the gauzy kimono folds of these self-assured singularities. The seriously indulgent, hit-and-miss performance art sections make the whole parade float pretty ponderous, but the duo’s sheer brio and eye-popping costumes are a joy – astonishing hairpieces and sky-high headdress confections defy all limitations with gaudy zest.

One Zero One | Directed by Tim Lienhard (Germany 2013), documentary. Starts January 2

Originally published in issue #123, January 2014.