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Only the Brave (No Way Out)


Following hot on the heels of Clint Eastwood’s godawful 15:17 to Paris comes another ripped- from-the-headlines story of real-life American heroism. However Only the Brave is something of a pleasant surprise. It’s an unexpectedly moving tribute to the forest firefighters who died in the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona. The cast is uniformly strong, with Josh Brolin and Miles Teller giving impressive heft to occasionally creaky dialogue. Working outside the sci-fi genre for the first time, after Tron: Legacy and Oblivion, director Joseph Kosinski falls a little short when depicting human drama but brings his A-game for the action sequences. The scenes of raging fires in particular are visually mesmerising, redeeming the clunkier aspects of this conventional but extremely watchable disaster biopic.

Only the Brave (No Way Out) | Directed by Joseph Kosinski (US 2017) with Josh Brolin, Miles Teller. Starts May 3.

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