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Our Time (Nuestro Tiempo)


A three-hour examination of masculinity in crisis, Our Time is a butt-numbing near-masterpiece. By casting himself and his wife (Natalia López) as the main characters, director Carlos Reygadas creates a strangely meta experience – it’s unclear how much of this is autobiographical. The film follows Juan and Ester, whose open marriage on a remote farm is threatened when Ester falls in love with an American horse whisperer (Phil Burgers). Her reluctance to disclose every detail sparks a fit of petty jealousy, paving the way for tragedy. Tense scenes of marital strife are interrupted by long panoramic shots of Mexican farm life. This approach can frustrate, but it all builds to a stunning seven-minute take of an airplane flying over Mexico City, with a devastating love letter recited in voiceover. The result is one of the most singular films you’ll see this year.

Our Time (Nuestro Tiempo) | Directed by Carlos Reygadas (Mexico 2018) with Carlos Reygadas, Natalia López. Starts June 27.

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