Meek hunt

OUT NOW! Though subverting conventional dichotomies, JAGTEN's witch hunt fails to provoke.

For Jagten, Vinterberg inverts the proposition from his debut “Festen”.

Whereas in Festen the protagonist’s truthful denunciation of his childhood molester sparked the wrath of all his loved ones, here a child’s lie regarding her schoolteacher turns the latter’s closest friends into a ferocious mob out for blood. Despite gorgeous lensing and a truly outstanding performance by Mikkelsen as the teacher, Jagten’s trajectory is entirely too predetermined, depriving the film of potential to engage and provoke as its predecessor did. (German synchronised.) 

Jagten (Die Jagd) | Directed by Thomas Vinterberg (Denmark 2013) with Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen. Starts March 28