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Belfast and King Richard: Two Oscar hopefuls for your consideration

We review King Richard, about Venus and Serena Williams father, and Belfast, Kenneth Branagh's nostalgic tale


Julia Effertz: The woman making sex scenes safer

Germany’s leading intimacy coordinator on making sex scenes safer in the wake of #MeToo.


Getting reel on diversity in German cinema

What does it mean to be a person of colour in the German film industry?


How do Hollywood stars learn German? Ask Lena Lessing.

Lena Lessing has helped actors like Michael Fassbinder perfect a German accent. We found out how she […]

Poster art

Götz Valien: Last Man Painting

Götz Valien is the Berliner behind a dying art form: the hand-painted movie poster.


Arthouse strikes back: How Yorck Kinos survived the pandemic

Yorck Kino boss Christian Bräuer on how his cinemas survived the pandemic, even gaining new audiences


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