Mystery mother

OUT NOW! A merciless loan shark's life is turned upside down by the arrival of a woman claiming to be his mother in PIETA.

Kang-Do is a
 merciless loan shark whose 
method of balancing the
 books is to mutilate his 
borrowers and pick up the 
insurance checks. It proves 
a solitary life for Kang-Do,
 but that all changes when 
Mi-Sun, a woman claiming 
to be his mother, appears on the scene. Set in the greyly grim urbanity of modern Korea, Kim’s trademark disregard for viewer sensibilities and range of emotional extremes finds full expression in this visceral tale of violence tamed by belatedly roused tenderness.

Pieta | Directed by Kim Ki-duk (South
 Korea, 2012) with Cho Min-
soo, Lee Jung-jin. Starts November 8