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We can still be fiends

You might know it for THAT Platz der Luftbrücke scene, but the rest of cult horror POSSESSION is just as compellingly bizarre.

Mark (Neill), who might be a spy or just a businessman who’s away a lot, returns home to his wife (Adjani) and son to find her wanting a divorce and admitting to having an affair. While he tries to understand what might have gone wrong in their relationship, wife Anna withdraws more and more and disappears to her lover Heinrich or a secret place where something stranger than a lover awaits her. 

Set in West Berlin just under a decade before reunification, “Possession” goes into the blackest holes of imploding relationships. An arthouse classic that was temporarily banned as a “video nasty” in the UK, the film eludes classification, but the amount of blood, violence and eerie situations definitely nudge it towards horror whilst many of the dialogs between the characters are so stultified as to suggest Brechtian distance stretched to its outer limits. But if you can stand two hours of bleeding, screaming, disorientated people you might find that you’ve witnessed the perfect metaphor for a very bad break up. 

Possession | Directed by Andrzej Żuławski (France/Germany 1981) with Isabelle Adjani, Sam Neill. Aug 8 -14, Brotfabrik Kino.