Kitty deplore

OUT NOW! PUSS IN BOOTS claws its way out of the Shrek franchise. And it shouldn't have.

Intrepid outlaw Puss (from Shrek 2 onwards) unites with childhood friend Humpty Dumpty and chatte fatale Kitty Softpaws to steal Jack’s magic beans and cop the treasure atop the beanstalk. Done to death in the Shrek franchise, the fairy tale jokes lack all novelty, and the cute kitty moments lose theirs about five minutes in. Without much else to go on and needing to reach a 90-minute running time, the film resorts to overlong stretches of irrelevant action, which, though brilliantly executed in 3D, must make a 2D viewing excruciatingly boring.

Puss in Boots (Der gestiefelte Kater) | Directed by Chris Miller (USA 2011) with Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis. Starts December 8.