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Race to the bottom

OUT NOW! Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots are unable to salvage the wreck of NEED FOR SPEED.

Obnoxiously shiny and expensive cars hurtle through busy public streets, directed from overhead by a misappropriated traffic aircraft, while slimy trust fund kids and the lame old police try to spoil all the fun. A clunky plot, limp dialogue, charmless tech pandering and some bolted-on 3D set pieces fail to soup up proceedings, and the whole drag race (and boy, it drags) scrapes off an awful lot of the burnish left on the road by Rush and Co., while never quite reaching the heights of gleeful stupidity scaled by its faster and more furious brethren. A sort of Stockholm Syndrome sets in around the 90 minute mark – maybe it’s the exhaust fumes – and some of the racing sequences are fairly balletic, but overall, growly Aaron Paul and batty posh totty Imogen Poots deserve a far slicker vehicle.

Need for Speed | Directed by Scott Regie (USA 2014) with Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper. Starts March 20