Reds on film

Feel the Ostalgie with a selection of Soviet flicks to mark the 20th anniversary of the dissolution of the USSR.

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A Sixth of the World

It is safe to say that the halcyon days of Russian cinema have passed.

Once upon a Soviet time, however, the USSR was consistently at the vanguard of international filmmaking, and it would be difficult to overstate its contribution to modern cinema.

In concurrence with the 20th anniversary of its fall, Kino Krokodil offers a series of screenings to celebrate – or simply consider – the many facets of Soviet history.

Giving insight into the USSR’s entire history, the programme allows you to relive its glorious beginnings with Dziga Vertov’s 1927 A Sixth Part of the World, shown with live musical accompaniment, and to understand its momentous dissolution through films such as Seven Days in August, a Latvian documentary covering the Soviet stalwarts’ attempt at returning power to the Communists in the 1991 August Putsch.

Ein Sechstel der Erde – Das Ende eines Imperiums, through September | Kino Krokodil,