OUT NOW! Unfortunately, viewers will not want to REMEMBER Atom Egoyan's latest, with not even Christopher Plummer's classy turn rescuing this morally lazy Auschwitz survivor drama.

Christopher Plummer adds a sprinkling of class to this otherwise vulgar and morally lazy film from the once-feted Atom Egoyan. Plummer plays an Auschwitz survivor suffering from dementia who’s sent on a mission by a fellow nursing home inmate (Landau) to track down their old SS guard. Instructions? Check. Gun? Check. Mental capacity? Who knows… Such clunky use of memory loss proves a constant worry, but the absurd twist late on will have faces hitting palms. Forget.

Remember | Directed by Atom Egoyan (Canada, Germany 2015) with Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau. Starts December 31