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OUT NOW! The compelling drama about memory, loss and love VERGISS MEIN ICH moved us.

In this compelling film, Lena Ferben (Schrader) suddenly loses her memory as a result of retrograde amnesia. Confused and terrified by the world, Lena embarks on a mission to reconcile her forgotten past with her new perception of the world, while her husband (Krisch) attempts to resurrect her former self. Visually intriguing and perfectly paced, this film deals with constructing identities and relationships while Lena’s childlike naïveté creates moments of humour throughout, with the end product being a genuinely moving story. 

Vergiss Mein Ich | Directed by Jan Scholmburg (Germany 2013) with Maria Schrader and Johannes Krisch. Starts May 1

Originally published in issue #127, May, 2014.