OUT NOW! Catch the Weimar classic METROPOLIS where it belongs – on the big screen.

Metropolis, nowadays regarded as an epochal science fiction masterpiece, was first released, it received little critical acclaim and was anything but a commercial success, which is why the distributor considerably shortened the expensive flop and it’s only been available in this heavily trimmed version ever since. It was quite a sensation when in 2008, a copy with the missing half hour was discovered in Argentina, making it now worthy of a theatrical re-release including a re-recording of the entire score. Need we say anything about the plot? A love story across class distinctions that saves the doomed futuristic city of Metropolis. Ground- breaking special effects, mass scenes and an aesthetic that has had a lasting influence on films and pop culture. Now movie fans have the great and rare opportunity to catch the Weimar classic where it belongs – on the big screen.

METROPOLIS | Directed by Fritz Lang (Germany 1927/2010) with Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich. Opens May 12