Growing pains

OUT NOW! Gently-paced RICKY reminds that the halcyon days can be hellish too.

Ricky: Three’s a Crowd hits Berlin cinemas on February 6.

A likeable tyke contends with his too-cool teen brother, the mysterious new girl in town and his family’s money troubles. Ignore the wacky fantasy billing – the balance of chuckles and realistic melancholy here is much more interesting, though it makes it tough to pin down the target demographic. There’s plenty to like about the young leads and rather episodic plot, and despite all small-town discontent, the German countryside has rarely looked more gorgeous.

Ricky: Three’s a Crowd (Ricky: Normal war Gestern) | Directed by Kai S. Pieck (Germany 2013) with Rafael Kaul, Jordan Elliot Dwyer. Starts February 6

Originally published in issue #124, February 2014.