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Frank and safe indie fun

OUT NOW! ROBOT & FRANK is a feel-good indie flick with undemanding quirkiness balanced by safe humour.

Set in the not too distant (and not too different) future, Robot & Frank depicts the blossoming friendship between Frank (Langella), a retired jewelry burglar at the onset of dementia, and his smart-talking caretaker robot (Sarsgaard). When an oil tycoon threatens to digitise all the books in Frank’s beloved local library, Frank recruits his new ally in one last heist to save the day. Enjoyable enough, though pretty standard feel-good US indie fare: a quaint and quirky story with a life-affirming message and some safe and easy commentary peppered on top.

Robot & Frank | Directed by Jake Schreier (USA 2012) with Frank Langella, Peter Sarsgaard. Starts October 25