Fever dreams

OUT NOW! A dark tone poem set in Manila's backstreets, RUINED HEART makes up for lack of narrative with gliterring imagery.

A gangland thug lives a life of carefree sex and violence alongside a spunky prostitute in backstreet Manila, until his cultish leader’s affections raise complications. More punky tone poem than narrative, the film conveys the frenetic free-wheeling of its four-day shoot, but establishes so few facts amid the fever dream that its concession to plot leaves little more than a sense of muddled regret alongside the far more vivid and music-soaked sense of place it brings to bloody-mouthed, glitter-encrusted life. 

Ruined Heart | Directed by Khavn de la Cruz (Germany, Philippines 2014) with Tadanobu Asano, Nathalia Acevedoas. Starts March 26 

Originally published in issue #136, March 2015