Scream more

OUT NOW! SCREAM 4 is a surprisingly well-crafted satire but who knows what is being satirized?

The first question one is going to ask upon seeing the trailer for a film like this is “Why?” Which is never a good sign for a film. But surprisingly, the mind behind A Nightmare on Elm Street, Last House on the Left and, of course, the first Scream, has a good answer to that. While Screams 2 and 3 are entirely forgettable, the fourth installment addresses a serious problem in horror today – the reboot/remake.

But Scream 4 does all this without being another commercial entry peddling guts for box office and little else. It’s action-packed and definitely bloody, but it has a sense of purpose, and the rules (a tradition in the series) are addressed but thankfully not always followed, meaning this reboot doesn’t really fit by its own definition. There are no twists or over-the-top moments that might spoil the fun, either.

The bottom line is that this film is a well-crafted satire on a genre that has lost all imagination. The biggest problem with addressing the reboot/remake syndrome? Everybody knows those films are utter crap and probably aren’t paying a lot of attention to them in the first place, making all the fun irrelevant. The first Scream was, well, a scream. And so is this one, but will anybody hear it?

SCREAM 4 | Directed by Wes Craven (USA 2011) with Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Emma Roberts. Opens May 5