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Strained realism

OUT NOW! SISTER goes for heart-wrenching, but lacks the credibility to pull it off.

Switzerland, country of extreme wealth and enviable
 social provisions, is hardly 
the first setting that comes 
to mind when thinking of 
gritty social realism. This is 
the main problem with Sister, which focuses on Simon (Klein), a 12-year-old forced to steal from a ski resort to provide for himself and his profligate sister (Seydoux). Not that it’s a wholly impossible scenario, but the film gladly glosses over all the specifics necessary for it to be plausible, rendering the misery contrived and eroding the pathos it so badly strives for. 

Sister (L’Enfant d’en haut) | Directed by Ursu
la Meier (France/Switzerland
 2012) with Kacey Mottet
 Klein and Léa Seydoux. Starts November 8