Sleeping ugly

OUT NOW! Rainer Kirberg puts out about one cult film per decade. DAS SCHLAFENDE MÄDCHEN isn't one.

Kirberg puts out about one cult film per decade
 but this one won’t do his 
reputation any good. Set in
 the radical 1970s atmosphere of Joseph Beuys’
 tenure at the Dusseldorf
 Art Academy, the film is 
cleverly made as a mockumentary, using the ‘new’ video technology that allows Beuys junkie Hans (Diehl) to record his fascination with wild child Ruth (Krane). But the art-meets-life psychobabble that accompanies this Sleeping Beauty parable is frankly awful with the bad prince, at one point, swallowing and then unironically passing a key.

Das Schlafende Mädchen | Directed by Rainer Kirberg (Germany 2011) with Jakob Diehl, Natalie Krane. Starts January 17