Sloppy salsa

OUT NOW! Comedian Nick Frost shows us his two left feet in the slightly uninspired CUBAN FURY.

It’s a good thing that Frost (The World’s End) has solid comedy credentials because he really can’t dance: a slight handicap in a film about a teenage salsa prodigy who gave it all up only to rediscover sequins and fake tans in the fight for his fair boss (Jones). Frost does the geeky underdog, O’Dowd is the yucky adversary and Olivia Colman chips in with sisterly skills as a brash bartender but the script lets them all down: Strictly Ballroom this ain’t.

Cuban Fury | Directed by James Griffiths (UK 2014) with Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, ChrisO’Dowd. Starts June 19

Originally published in issue #128, June 2014