Not whale-cum

OUT NOW! SNATCHED proves Amy Schumer works best on the small screen and deprives Goldie Hawn of a comeback.

There is only one memorable gag in Snatched: the word “welcome” is misheard as “whale cum”. Leviathan love milk aside, Snatched is a formulaic mother-daughter comedy that settles for the cheap laugh at every conceivable turn. It deprives Goldie Hawn of a silver screen comeback after a 15 year sabbatical, and enshrines niggling suspicions that Amy Schumer works best on the small screen. Worse, the latter reveals herself to be less of an acquired taste and more of a one trick pony, stealing far too much screen time from Joan Cusack, whose silent former black-ops character deserves her own spinoff. If you consider farting in bed and shitting yourself to be the pant-soiling pillars of comedy and wish to see them reclaimed from the frat-boy days of yore, you might well find enough to enjoy here. However, if you prefer comedies that make a discernible effort to earn your laughter, approach with the caution you’d reserve for a new instalment of the Hangover series.

Snatched | Directed by Katie Dippold (US 2017) with Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn. Starts June 15

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