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That Irish charm

OUT NOW! Tomm Moore's beautifully-animated SONG OF THE SEA dazzles with its visual depictions of Irish mythology, but also with a devotion to storytelling that will delight all ages.

For a film ostensibly for children, Moore’s animation is a visual treat for all ages, evoking with Celtic patterns and beautifully drawn illustrations a treasure trove of Irish mythology based on selkies (seal people), stony giants and daoine sidhe (fairy people). Ultimately, it’s not so much the story of young Ben and his quest to reunite his voiceless sister Saoirse with her sealskin coat as Moore’s emphasis on storytelling itself that makes this such a moving and magical ride.

Song of the Sea (Die Melodie des Meeres) | Directed by Tomm Moore (Ireland 2014) with David Rawle, Brendan Gleeson. Starts December 24

Originally published in issue #144, December 2015.