Dam excellent

OUT NOW! STAUDAMM is a surprisingly well-done sleeper following an aimless young man across Germany.

Staudamm hits Berlin cinemas on January 30.

Roman (Mücke) is a bored, directionless young man who works from home, when he feels like it, by creating audio files of legal material for a state prosecutor. Sent to the Bavarian provinces to pick up documents on a high school massacre, he befriends a young woman who witnessed the shooting. Staudamm braids a deliberately faltering screenplay with camera work that captures both boredom and the need to reflect the gestation of extreme isolation – and what it takes to overcome it. In German.

Staudamm | Directed by Thomas Sieben (Germany 2013) with Friedrich Mücke, Liv Lisa Fries. Starts January 30

Originally published in issue #124, February 2014.