Stormy seas

OUT NOW! It's not all fun at the beach in PRAIA DO FUTURO, director Karim Aïnouz's aesthetically stunning German-Portuguese drama that's not to be missed.

Set between the bright colours of Brazil and a wintry Berlin, Praia do Futuro explores masculinity, male love and cultural alienation as biker Konrad (Schick), blind-sided by his friend’s drowning, begins a relationship with life-saver Donato (Moura). It’s a triptych of unhappiness as the two men and Donato’s brother Ayrton (Barbosa) navigate the choppy waters of longing, pain and loss. But with intimate performances and mesmerising imagery, Aïnouz (see interview) creates a haunting universe.

Praia do Futuro | Directed by Karim Aïnouz (Brazil, Germany 2014) with Clemens Schick, Wagner Moura and Jesuíta Barbosa. Starts October 2

Originally published in issue #131, October 2014.