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Hanging by a string

OUT NOW! NO STRINGS ATTACHED is a predictable, formulaic bit of fluff, but executed with panache.

Reitman‘s newest is an R-rated comedy about two old friends who embark on a sexual relationship. The simple rules: do what you want, do it how you want it, but don’t fall in love. Any moviegoer knows, this can‘t work. Portman is great as the emotionally closed-off career-conscious Emma, Kutcher does an equally fine job as Adam, the easygoing playboy with a heart, and the supporting cast (including Greenberg‘s Greta Gerwig) are excellent. Funny jokes, great soundtrack, and despite its predictability, an entertaining story.

NO STRINGS ATTCHED | Directed by Ivan Reitman (USA 2011) with Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Kline. Opens February 17