Sugar daddy

OUT NOW! Malik Bendjelloul makes a case for singer Sixto Rodriquez's in South Africa in SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN.

 two commercially unsuccessful albums made in
the US during the 1970s, 
Mexican-American folk
singer Sixto Rodriguez 
seemed to disappear off 
the musical map. Unbeknownst to himself, he
 and his songs became part of South Africa’s anti-apartheid campaign, eventually prompting two die-hard fans to try and track him down. Bendjelloul’s documentary makes a (sometimes dramatised) case for the artist’s special relevance in a country struggling with racial injustice and stands up as a worthy winner of this year’s Sundance Audience Award.

Searching For Sugar Man | Directed by Malik Bendjelloul (Swe
den, Great Britain 2012), 
documentary. Starts December 27