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Supervized: Avoid

OUT NOW! The concept of aging superheroes may be a refreshing one, but that's where the positives about this predictable and obnoxious film end.

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Photo courtesy of Kinostar. Catch Supervized in Berlin cinemas now!

What happens when our superheroes reach retiring age and their powers begin to dwindle? A welcome change to the superhero genre, the concept of Supervized is a refreshing one. Unfortunately, that is where the positives for this film end. Within five minutes we get our first misogynistic joke and we don’t have to wait long for the toilet humour, homophobia and racism to follow. Some of the acting is passable at times and the camerawork is half-decent but this far from makes up for the predictable and obnoxious ninety minutes. Characters in their twilight years are used as a weapon to utilise inappropriate material and any conscientious adult will be cringing deep into their seat by the finale. If it’s a twist on the superhero genre you’re looking for, save yourself, go and watch Amazon’s The Boys.

Supervized | Directed by Steve Barron (Ireland 2019) with Tom Berenger, Fionnula Flanagan. Starts Dec 12.

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