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More than ‘that iPhone film’

OUT NOW! Sean Baker's TANGERINE take on the trans* hustling scene in LA is more than a gimmick, but a heartfelt portrait.

The breakout hit of last year’s Sundance film festival finally makes it to Germany, and the wait was worth it. Set in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, Tangerine tells the tale of two transgender prostitutes, Sin-Dee (Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Taylor), who hit the streets in search of the cisgender woman who’s been sleeping with Sin-Dee’s pimp boyfriend. Cue: revenge, colourful language and doughnuts. Tangerine has acquired the slightly dismissive moniker of ‘that iPhone film’, having been shot entirely on a modified smartphone. While this impressive stunt could have reduced the film to a mere gimmick, Baker delivers a bracingly authentic portrait of LA, while also crafting a funny and touching tale of lonely souls. Add an audaciously brash soundtrack and a finale which blends trouser-dropping farce with surprising pathos, and you’ve got so much more than a gleaming endorsement for Apple.

Tangerine | Directed by Sean Baker (USA 2015) with Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor. Starts July 7