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OUT NOW! Plot and human-interest may be one of the many things trampled in the path of GODZILLA, but the result is nonetheless gratifying.

Godzilla, the noble wrecking ball, is back for a 32nd moment of screen glory. He began in 1954 as a parable for what happens when man meddles too much with nature. Further environmental folly helped him evolve into a benevolent protector. And in the wake of Fukushima, his return seems to be well-timed. The latest instalment doesn’t actually add anything new to the mix, and the plot is paper-thin, as Godzilla battles a pair of horny insectoids over San Francisco’s skyline. But even the lack of any interesting humans doesn’t stop the monster mania on screen from translating to one satisfying smash fest with well-played tension. The monster never looked so good, the special effects are believable (although they encounter an overabundance of bridges) and the city destruction is plentiful. If you’re going for the starpower, you can forget that as two of the bigger names disappear quite quickly. But no matter, Godzilla is gratifying.

Godzilla | Directed Gareth Edwards (USA, Japan 2014) Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elisabeth Olsen, Starts May 15