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Unravelled plot threads

OUT NOW! The main character's grasp on reality crumbles, and so does this film's promise as psychodrama ANOTHER ME unfolds.

Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) stars as Fay, a teen whose grasp on reality disintegrates after she gets the lead in her school’s rendition of Macbeth. Add a bit of doppelgänger psychodrama and you have Isabel Coixet’s loose adaptation of Catherine MacPhail’s eponymous teen novel. It might sound promising on paper but not even the acting of Turner or Rhys Meyers can save the script’s forced esotericism and, well, plain bad writing.

Another Me | (Another Me – Mein zweites Ich) Directed by Isabel Coixet (UK, Spain 2013) with Sophie Turner, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Gregg Sulkin. Starts September 4

Originally published in issue #130, September 2014.