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Test your taste: Videodrom

Don’t be deceived by the colourful block letters on the façade: kids aren’t even allowed into Videodrom. Sectioned by directors, countries and genres, the shop’s expansive cache of some 15,000 movies includes experimental, trash and underground films, as well as more commercial fare. Here you’ll even find imported goods that offer a peak at what hasn’t reached Heimat cinemas yet.

If you’re having trouble deciding, you can ask the English-speaking assistants to help guide you through the film jungle – but be ready for a lecture if your picks are not to the taste of the not-always-patient cinemaniac staff. The fee is €3.60 per movie for an overnight rental, €2.60 for films less than 60 minutes. Remember to turn the films in before the last opening hour, otherwise you’ll get charged for an extra day. But if the Sunday blues keep you homebound, feel free to wait till Monday – Sunday is free.