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A single-handed empire

OUT NOW! THE BIG EDEN highlights the life of playboy mogul Rolf Eden without attempting to find a pulse.

In part three of a trilogy featuring egomaniacs, Dörfler shines a mild light on Rolf Eden, octogenarian playboy, father of seven, hedonist extraordinaire. Eden’s family left Berlin in 1933 for Palestine, with Eden returning to the city in the 1950s to found his legendary Eden nightclubs. If Dörfler makes little attempt to chip away at the façade of the aging mogul’s familiar face and lifestyle, it may be because that is all that anybody ever gets to see. This approach, whilst cleverly and simultaneously underpinning and undermining Eden’s brand of superficiality, occasionally does feel a little hollow.

The Big Eden | Directed by Peter Dörfler (Germany 2010) documentary. Starts December 8