The big loss

OUT NOW! Unoriginal and contrived, THE BIG WEDDING doesn't succeed in tying a rom-com knot.

A rom-com playacting its way around conservative attitudes towards sex and marriage, this production contains a number of well-written gags poking fun at so-called ‘modern’ family life. The older generation smirks and sails their way through the jokey first half, before some kind of ‘point’ involving pregnancy rescuing a faltering relationship signposts just how liberal the movie actually is. That is, not very. Enjoyable enough, if you leave your forward-thinking brain at the door… 

The Big Wedding Directed by Justin Zackham (USA 2013) with Robert de Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Ben Barnes, Amanda Seyfried. Starts May 30

Originally published in issue #117, June 2013.