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Going underground

OUT NOW! THE EAST successfully blurs the good/bad guy line in a film about eco-terrorists unknowingly converting a spy.

Former FBI agent Sarah (Marling) is assigned to infiltrate an eco-terrorist organisation, the East. Led by Benji (Skarsgård), the freegan anarchist group metes out ‘eye for an eye’ justice against corporations that do more harm than good. The more time Sarah spends embedded in the commune, however, the more she questions her own morality and life choices. The spy drama loses a bit of steam in the ending, but the blurring of right and wrong makes this an exciting summer thriller. 

The East | Directed by Zat Batmanglij (USA 2013) with Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård, Ellen Page. Starts July 18

Originally published in issue #118, July/August.