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It’s the Muppets!

OUT NOW! It may be trite, but that's (Muppet) show business. It's still bound to be a nostalgia trip worth taking.

Now that Fox Business host Eric Bolling has apologised for calling The Muppets anticapitalist, we can get back to the silliness as Gary (Segel), Mary (Adams) and new Muppet Walter recruit the old gang to help save the Muppet Theater from being torn down by an evil businessman (Cooper). Segel (who co-wrote) and Adams play true to type as latter-day inhabitants of Muppet Neverland who predictably come through for each other in the end – ditto Kermit and Miss Piggy. No surprises and a couple too many songs, but that’s entertainment, folks.

The Muppets Directed by James Bobin, (USA 2011) with Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, Jack Black. Starts January 19.