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The outback mate house

OUT NOW! A FEW BEST MEN has some good laughs, but at the end of the day it's nothing to fall in love with.

The story of British groom David (Samuel) and three friends descending on the moneyed Australian boondocks for his wedding to overachieving Mia (Brent) has to be good for a few role-reversal laughs – and it is! But the scene with a hand up a sheep’s bum was a long time coming and doesn’t make up for the weedy love story set in an entourage whose ‘otherness’ just doesn’t click: the fake-lesbian sister, the pot-soaked best man, and Olivia Newton-John as the bride’s mum swinging from the marquee’s chandelier? Come on, people.

A Few Best Men (Die Trauzeugen) | Directed by Stephan Elliott (Australia, UK 2011) with Laura Brent, Xavier Samuel. Starts June 16