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Rebel with a cause

OUT NOW! Marx and Engels hit it off once again in Raoul Peck's THE YOUNG KARL MARX, which tells the bearded legend's story with skill and soul.

In 1840s Europe, the newly industrialised working classes are being crushed into subsistence by police states. As workers’ movements arise, we watch a fiery Marx (Diehl) fighting to underpin them with rigorous materialist purpose whilst smoking cheap cigars and struggling to feed his ever-expanding family. The heart of Raoul Peck’s conventional but compelling film is Marx’s partnership with earnest rich kid Friedrich Engels (Konarsk) – the best scene depicts their first meeting, when the pair testily praise each other’s essays. From here, Peck attempts to compress several years of elephantine economic debate into a coherent story, and, despite an overdependence on scenes of men with facial hair shouting at one another, he largely strikes a deft balance between entertainment and education.

The Young Karl Marx | Directed by Raoul Peck (France, Germany, Belgium 2017) with August Diehl, Stefan Konarsk. Starts March 2.

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