While it might be remembered for the late Anton Yelchin’s final screen performance, Thoroughbreds deserves so much more. It’s an ambitious cross between Heathers and Les Diaboliques, a creosote-black comedy about two wealthy, ever so slightly sociopathic teens who plot murder most foul. Genre-literate and craftily plotted, it’s stylishly helmed by first-time director Cory Finley, who balances the unnerving and the comedic to masterly effect. His deliciously dark script fizzles with understated wit, offering the excellent Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke the chance to savour acerbic exchanges that would make Bret Easton Ellis salivate. Its misanthropic outlook won’t be to everyone’s taste, but cult status surely beckons, and Finley is unquestionably a talent to keep a close eye on.

Thoroughbreds | Directed by Cory Finley (US, 2017), with Anya Taylor-Joy, Olivia Cooke. Starts August 9.

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