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Three-way, s’il vous plait

OUT NOW! The convoluted love triangle in UNE ESTONIENNE À PARIS is just titillating enough to make the cut.

Frida (Moreau) is an aged, cranky Estonian living in Paris. Stéphane (Pineau) is her younger ex-lover. Anne (Mägi) is the taciturn Estonian hired by Stéphane to leave the Baltic froid and work as Frida’s companion. And Paris is the city whose predictably well-dressed and charmant ambience coerces this unlikely ménage à trois into a new understanding of polyvalent loneliness: four players squaring the circle of love in a story that’s just a little too small for the big screen.

Une Estonienne à Paris (Eine Dame in Paris) | Directed by Ilmar Raag (France, Belgium, Estonia 2013) with Jeanne Moreau, Laine Mägi, Patrick Pineau, Starts April 18