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More bark than bite

OUT NOW! While Jakob Lass' high-octane indie film TIGER GIRL can sometimes be fun it ultimately has less bite than it thinks.

Having premiered at this year’s Berlinale in the Panorama section, Jakob Lass’ high-octane indie about an unconventional friendship between unassuming cop-in-training Maggie and the titular punk outcast begins like a female-lead, Fight Club-esque romp. However, the promising elements soon fizzle out and the initial energy gives way to a hyperreal tale, one which sees the director diligently develop the Dogma-riffing ‘FOGMA’ manifesto he birthed with his previous effort Love Steaks. The improvised dialogue, music video-style shots and hyper-stylised sequences feel a tad try-hard and fail to conjure up the anarchic zest the film so desperately craves. It does feature two strong central performances from Maria-Victoria Dragus and Ella Rumpf as the chalk-and-cheese duo, but while it can sometimes be fun, Tiger Girl has less bite than it thinks.

Tiger Girl | Directed by Jakob Lass (DE, 2017) with Maria-Victoria Dragus, Ella Rumpf. Starts April 6

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