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“Time Out” Cairo

OPENING! CAIRO TIME presents the beauty of Egypt with a romantic fluff story for tourists and (maybe) thinkers.

Their presence brackets the sun as it starts its early morning journey into the desert sky. Massive and aggressively still, they’re just lying there in the endless sea of sand: pyramids.

Juliette (Clarkson) is in Cairo for the first time awaiting her husband; he’s in Gaza, his arrival constantly delayed. While waiting for him, she turns to gallant and mysterious Egyptian Tareq (Siddig), who offers to show her the city.

He’s intelligent, patient and knowledgeable about his beautiful hometown, the customs, tales and wonders, and they slowly develop a friendship built on the shy nature they have in common.

With breathtaking shots of pulsating city traffic and endless deserts, Cairo Time could very well be a long commercial by the Egyptian board of tourism disguised as a heartfelt romance for intellectuals. It’s Cairo as the guidebooks would like it to be – pure beauty and fascination, magical adventure and a trip to the white desert is bound to send an intense wave of travel itch through even the most Spree-bound Berliners.

Although Clarkson’s overly delicate, constantly whispering protagonist gets somewhat tiresome as the film progresses, the film’s artful focus and slow pace are refreshing.

Cairo Time | Directed by Ruba Nadda (Canada, Ireland, Egypt 2009) with Patricia Clarkson, Alexander Siddig. Opens September 1