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To Catch some Zs

OUT NOW! Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson play divorcees-turned-diamond-thieves in THE LOVE PUNCH, a blandly romantic heist.

Divorced couple Richard (Brosnan) and Kate (Thompson) team up to recover retirement money wiped out as a result of a ruthless tycoon’s unethical acquisition techniques. They resort to pranks, disguise and their son’s hacking skills to steal the tycoon’s diamond, predictably rejuvenating their romance en route pour le South of France. Don’t even think about comparing this to To Catch a Thief: Thompson/Brosnan generate some charisma but a hackneyed script and soulless direction does for the rest.

The Love Punch | Directed by Joel Hopkins (USA 2014) with Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall. Starts October 16

Originally published in issue #131, October 2014.