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Too many included

OUT NOW! Hippy family flick ALLES INKLUSIVE overcrowds its otherwise strong performances with too many retro-boho tropes

Alles Inklusive opens on Berlin’s screens March 6

Revisiting the sins of post-1968 liberality in childrearing (as Delpy did in Skylab), Dörrie sets flower-power mother Ingrid (Elsner) against an anxious daughter (Uhl) whose dog, Freud, does double duty as psychologist and nearly cops it when Ingrid returns to the Costa Brava, raising the ghosts of summers past. The tone is absurdist manqué, and cramming in cross-dressing lovers and African boatpeople doesn’t serve succinctness but Elsner and Uhl are good — and Axel Prahl as a brief love interest is priceless.

Alles Inklusive | Directed by Doris Dörrie (Germany 2013) with Hannelore Elsner and Nadja Uhl. Starts March 6

Originally published in issue #125, March 2014.