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First love thirst

OUT NOW! UN AMOUR DE JEUNESSE says the passion of your first love doesn't always die, regardless of what your parents might say.

He’s 19, says she’s too beautiful, that he loves her so much that he can’t see her all the time. She’s 15 and says she loves him so much that if he left her she’d die. He leaves; she tries to kill herself. A few years go by and she moves on with her life: a promising career and an older, succesful man, her lover and mentor. One day her first love resurfaces – they resume their relationship. There’s no moral to this film, just a few scary statements: love exists; your first passion might be the real thing; contrary to what parents say, it won’t go away with time. All this, and a very ‘French’ lesson in minimalistic cinema.

Un Amour de Jeunesse | Directed by Mia Hansen-Løve (France, Germany 2011) with Lola Créton, Sebastian Urzendowsky. Starts September 27